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Modern working world meets event venue

The three levels of Kupferloft at the heart of the Kupferwerk complex of Carlswerk are home to state-of-the-art office space and parking facilities. Attractive, innovative office space has been created in line with the motto ‘new work’.


Access to the lower level is provided via the building’s own entrance to the underground car park. This level features 71 parking spaces including a number of charging stations for electric cars, as well as storage space and sanitary facilities. Shower cubicles and changing rooms, for those who cycle to work or use the wide range of sporting opportunities available at Carlswerk, are also available here. The reception area that is located right in front of the main hall that is the central element of Kupferloft, can be reached by lift or via the staircase from here. In the main hall, future users cannot only create working spaces and attractive places to linger, it can also be used as an event location for lectures or special occasions, such as townhall meetings. On the ground floor, there are around 20 conference rooms of various sizes that all feature direct views of the main hall. These can also be used as flexible work places for a certain period of time. Further sanitary facilities can be found on this floor. An open staircase in the hall and the central staircase that also includes lifts, provide for access to the top floor that is wrapped around the main hall with direct visual links. Up to 250 work stations can be realised on this floor.

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  • Office space: approx. 5,109 m² on the ground floor + top floor 

  • Storage space, sanitary facilities and parking spaces: approx. 3,545 m²

  • Underground parking spaces: 71

  • Rental fee ground floor + top floor: EUR 15.90

  • Rental fee lower level: EUR 2.95

  • Service charges: EUR 3.50

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Light-flooded ambience

The central nave of the building features an elaborate glass roof. This gives rise to a welcoming, bright, light-flooded ambience with plenty of breathing space: the atrium is a work space with a compelling feel-good atmosphere. Visual structure is provided by load-bearing steel pillars that form a vertical link between the ground floor and the office space on the top floor. Floor-to-ceiling windows along the gallery on the first floor allow for unobstructed views of the atrium. The consistent window design makes for a very balanced appearance.

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Wide range of opportunities

The main hall at the heart of the building is the distinguishing feature of this property. It cannot only be used as a coworking or meeting space, but is also suitable as a venue for lectures and other events. Storage space for chairs and technical equipment was deliberately factored in, when planning the premises. 

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Head of Office Properties

Phone:  +49 221 937793-220

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Senior Consultant Office Properties

Phone:  +49 221 937793-376

Fax:       +49 221 937793-77

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